Metal Series 2.0

We are proud to introduce our new Metal Series 2.0! With features such as Flash on Clash, 3 sound fonts, and more customizable options, the Metal Series has never been of more quality at an affordable price. Click below to see more details and photos!


New and improved features

Metal Series 2.0
  • Customizable Options

    Personalize your saber the way you want it. Choose from multiple emitters, ring styles and blade colors. 

  • Flash on Clash

    Powered with a 12 Watt LED, our Flash on Clash and Duel Clash features will light up your battle. 

  • 3 Sound Fonts

    Provided with three sound fonts which have their own personalities, your saber experience will be endless. We also have a silent mode if you need it. 

  • Removable Blade

    To acquire maximum durability, we offer a 3mm Polycarbonate Blade with a screw tip that can take any hit in the galaxy. 

What our customers are saying...

"I have purchased many sabers over the years but this one is definitely my favorite! The sound fonts, customizability, design and brightness of the LED are unmatched for the price you pay!"

"The design is elegant yet sturdy and I'm pleased to say that I'm very satisfied with the product. Keep up the good work and may the force be with you !"

"The bright color, professional design and sound effects are absolutely stunning. Hypersabers did an OUTSTANDING job! I love how the 2.0 has a more slick look and hardcore, realistic effects."

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